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Interested in making a transition to UX research? Check out the following references: 

Salesforce Trailhead: Build Better with UX.

  • A free, interactive, online tutorial made by my team at Salesforce UX! Learn the basics of user research methodology and prototyping. If you love lighthearted humor, taking quizzes, and vibrant visuals, this will totally be your jam. And, you can earn a fancy Salesforce Trailhead badge in the process.

Career Linguist Fireside Chat: Greg Bennett, Senior User Researcher, Salesforce.

  • In this clip, I tell my story about transitioning from the world of academic linguistic research to the world of UX. I cover my pre-UX work experience, my first UX job interview, and the skills I recruit from linguistics that strengthen my UX research. [42:44] *Photo depicts my design hack for not having a camera tripod :)

Baxter, K., Courage, C., & Caine, K. (2015). Understanding your users: a practical guide to user research methods. (Vol. 2). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Morgan Kaufmann.

  • An amazing reference text written by one of my awesome colleagues, Kathy Baxter. I keep a copy on my desk at work. Great way to learn what qualitative UX research methods are and how to use them.

Goodman, E., Kuniavsky, M., & Moed, A. (2012). Observing the user experience: a practitioner's guide to user research. (Vol. 2). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Morgan Kaufmann.

  • A strong complement to Kathy's book. One of my first references when I moved into UX research. I found it helpful for learning how to "talk the talk" of qualitative UX research.

Sauro, J., & Lewis, J.R. (2016). Quantifying the user experience: practical statistics for user research. (Vol. 2). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Morgan Kaufmann.

  • If you're new to quantitative research—or quantitative methods aren't your specialization, but you want to learn more or level up—this book is great. If you're an academic linguist with quantitative research chops, and that's the kind of work you fancy, this book could help you translate your skills and "talk the talk" of quantitative UX research.

Hoekman, R.J. (2016). The Tao of user experience. Raleigh, NC: Lulu Press, Inc.

  • A fantastic read. Short, sweet, and highly revealing of the ethos of UX.

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