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Dreamforce 2018
Dreamforce 2018

Presenting linguistic and chatbot product research (including a Dragonball Z reference!) in the Einstein Theater at DF18.

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Presumptive Design (May 2016)
Presumptive Design (May 2016)

Collaborating with another UX researcher in Leo Frishburg's Presumptive Design method workshop.

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The UX Linguist

Design—for the user, through the user.

I believe that the core of user experience lies in the intersection of language and culture. I am endlessly fascinated and inspired by the ways language reveals user values. I draw from linguistics and ethnography in my research to elicit findings that cultivate empathy and drive design with purpose.



The recording of my Dreamforce 2018 talk, "Design a Natural Bot Conversation in 10 Steps," is now available online! Check it out for a step-by-step guide to designing a great chatbot dialog using the

Einstein Bot Builder.



"Language is not just a system;

it is a practice."


Penelope Eckert

Professor, Stanford University



"Greg has only been working in User Research for a short amount of time,

but is one of the most excited and fastest-learning people I've worked

with. Not to mention his qualitative

chops are top notch!"

Liza Pesenson

UX Design Researcher, U.S. Bank